Byron Police Department

Byron, Georgia

Narcotics Unit

The Byron Police Department makes numerous narcotics-related arrests each year.

The follow-up investigation of these arrests that made by patrol officers and other detectives within the Byron Police Department are the responsibility of the Narcotics Unit.

In addition to completing this follow-up investigation, the detectives assigned to the Narcotics Unit initiate their own cases, assist other agencies conducting narcotics-related investigations with ties to the City of Byron, and follow up on clues provided by the public.

Detectives assigned to this unit receive advanced training in the field of narcotics and dangerous drugs, clandestine laboratories, asset forfeiture, wire taps and specialized surveillance equipment. The members of the Narcotics Unit receive constant refresher training so that they remain up-to-date on current drug trends.

Narcotics crimes investigated by this unit can vary from the street level dealers to ‘major vendor’ class narcotic trafficking.

Through our close relationship with the Drug Enforcement Administration, Byron narcotics detectives have conducted national and international narcotic trafficking investigations. The Narcotics Unit also provides training to the Byron Police Department’s patrol officers as well as conducting public education programs to assist our citizens with neighborhood-related drug problems.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What sort of activity should I report to the Byron Narcotics Unit?

Any activity you recognize as suspicious in your neighborhood that could be narcotics-related. For example, a high volume of foot or vehicle traffic to a particular residence could indicate narcotics activity. Unusual chemical smells coming from a residence could be due to drug manufacturing or growing marijuana.

How do I report drug-related activity?

If the activity is occurring right now, call 9-1-1, and an officer will be dispatched to investigate the incident.

Or, if you would like to provide information directly to the Byron Narcotics Unit, you can submit information using the following email address. In addition, you can call 478-956-2880 during normal business hours and speak directly to an investigator.

Email address:

Telephone: 478-956-2880


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