Byron Police Department

Byron, Georgia

Mailing & Street Address:
Byron Municipal Complex
401 Main Street
Byron, GA 31008
Phone: 478-956-2880
Fax: 478-956-2133
Phone: 478-956-2880
Fax: 478-956-2133
Crime Prevention Unit
Phone: 478-956-2880
Fax: 478-956-2133
Phone: 478-956-2493
Fax: 478-956-7737



Division Mission

The Administrative Unit is responsible for all support services within the Byron Police Department (PD). This includes providing professional assistance to both the citizens of Byron as well as to the employees of the police department. In addition, this unit is responsible for all record keeping within the PD. The Administrative Unit works with the various courts to ensure the proper documentation is available when needed and is maintained accurately, safely, and efficiently.

Safe Traffic Operation
Program (STOP)

Mission: At the forefront of the Byron Police Department's educational strategies is the Safe Traffic Operations Program (STOP). The program is of no cost to the public and supports the local and surrounding communities with educational and community awareness programs each month. The program was initiated to serve as a proactive approach to promote safety and smart driving decisions. Through public awareness and education on traffic safety issues, the goal is to reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities on the roadways within our city limits, as well surrounding areas. The STOP program has since expanded to provide crime prevention efforts. The success of these programs is based upon our ability to partner with other law enforcement agencies, criminal justice agencies, schools, community and non-profit organizations.

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Since the City of Byron was established in 1874 the Patrol Division has been the oldest division of the Police Department serving the citizens of Byron. The Patrol Division is the "police officer on the street."

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Roadcheck Information
(as provided during the Georgia Highway Safety Conference,
August 19-21, 2013
Roadcheck Basics
Roadcheck Laws
Sample Approval Form
Sample Final Report

The Investigations Division is responsible to determine and document the circumstances of any crimes committed within the city limits and to take follow-up actions to identify, detain, and arrest the perpetrators of these crimes. Division personnel may investigate felony and misdemeanor crimes that run the gamut from shoplifting to homicide. These personnel receive training to keep pace with the newest technology and utilize the appropriate resources and techniques to solve crimes committed within the City.

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The Training Unit supplies both in-service and specialized training to the officers of the department. This training includes firearms and tactical training. All officers are required to complete in-service training each year as well as specialized training in areas including taser, defensive tactics, firearms, and legal updates. All outside training is coordinated through the training unit. Lt. Bryan Hunter is the training coordinator for all training within the department.

For more information, call 478-956-2880 or email Lt. Hunter (

Sheriff's Emergency
Response Team (SERT)

The Byron Police Department and the Peach County Sheriff's Office have a joint Sheriff's Emergency Response Team (SERT). The team is comprised of 24 highly skilled and specially equipped officers. The SERT Team is utilized during critical incidents such as barricaded gunmen, hostage negotiations, and high risk entry for search/arrest warrant service.

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