Byron Police Department

Byron, Georgia

Patrol Division

It is the responsibility of the Byron Police Department's uniformed Patrol Division to respond to calls for service through the 9-1-1 system, as well as medical emergencies. 

The Patrol Division is by far the largest and most visible component of the Byron Police Department. Generally, the patrol officer is the first Byron Police Department employee you will encounter regardless of the problem or situation.

When not responding to calls for service, officers of the uniformed Patrol Division aggressively patrol their zones to ensure the safety of the citizens in the city. Assignments within the uniformed Patrol Division include, but are not limited to: Patrol, STEP, and ICE/K9.

Due to the high volume of emergency 911 calls received by the city, some calls may be handled by other specialized units allowing for uniformed patrol officers to remain in service to handle priority calls.

If you are in need of emergency police assistance, do not hesitate to call 911. Assistance will be provided as soon as possible!

For non-emergency police assistance during normal business hours (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM), call the Byron Police at 478-956-2880. Any other time, call 911.

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit is a line of support that provides technical expertise to the department in the areas of accident investigation, drunk and/or impaired driving detection and arrest and the operation of speed detection Doppler and Laser Radar. This unit is responsible for the investigation of all serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents that occur within the city limits. The Unit investigates citizen complaints of speeding vehicles and other traffic related issues.

The mission of this unit is to reduce traffic accidents and deaths through the stringent enforcement of traffic laws.

Speed and Traffic Enforcement
The Traffic Unit’s primary responsibility is the enforcement of Byron’s speeding and other traffic regulations. Officers use Doppler and Laser radar on the residential streets as well as the main arteries and the interstate highway that go through Byron. Officers try to concentrate their enforcement efforts at the busier locations or known problems to make the streets of Byron safer for the residents and visitors.

Accident Investigation
Officers within the Traffic Unit possess varying skill levels of accident investigation that range to Reconstructionist. The Traffic Investigators are relied upon to investigate fatal and serious injury accidents. The reconstructionist also assist the Detective Bureau in recreating scenes involving death investigations and other serious crimes.

Hit and Run Investigations
Each year there are hit and run accidents within the City of Byron. The Unit has an investigator following up on those cases with any leads. This follow-up includes interviewing witnesses and people involved in the accident, reviewing surveillance cameras of where accidents may have occurred, examining the physical evidence left at the scene of the accident, and other investigative methods.

DUI / Drug Recognition Testing
All traffic officers are certified to detect and apprehend drivers under the influence of alcohol. The Unit has trained and certified as Drug Recognition Experts, skilled in identifying drivers under the influence of drugs or narcotics.

Special Events and Parades
The Traffic Unit has an Officer assigned to be responsible for coordinating all Special Events occurring within the City of Byron. The nature of the events varies from parades and fun runs to dignitary visitations warranting special escorts and security. All officers assigned to the Traffic Unit are required to participate in educational and community awareness programs throughout the year. These officers also educate the public about properly buckling up of children and the use of child safety restraints (car seats). The officers attend safety fairs hosted by civic organizations and make other presentations as requested.  

To submit a traffic complaint via email, send your note to or click here. Please include your name, address, and telephone number so that we can contact you if we need more information about the traffic problems you have observed.

Interstate Criminal Enforcement (ICE) Unit

The Byron Police Department's Interstate Criminal Enforcement (ICE) Unit was established in 2009, upon receipt of a grant award.  The ICE Unit is made up of two uniformed police officers who have received extensive formalized training and specialize in various types of criminal investigations. Each officer has been assigned Belgian Malinois K-9 partners. These very valuable and highly trained K-9s are nationally certified in detecting narcotics.  

The ICE Unit routinely makes contact with major criminals while performing daily traffic enforcement and involve both passenger and commercial class vehicles.  Through the use of professional roadside tactics and techniques, these officers have the knowledge and skill necessary to recognize indicators of suspicious terrorist/criminal activity as they interact with these subjects, who are most vulnerable while in transit. 

The officers often assist other units within the department, as many investigations overlap in the areas they cover. Narcotics investigations are continuous, and the unit is fortunate to have established professional working relationships with the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the United States Marshals Office, the United States Secret Service, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and other state and local agencies. The ICE unit officers respond to other agencies' requests for assistance due to their skill and training.

The ICE Unit has the resources necessary to respond quickly and professionally to assist their local area.  Each patrol vehicle assigned in the ICE Unit is equipped with state of the art equipment, such as speed detection devices, LIDAR (laser), detection tools, mobile data terminals, and digital cameras.

The officers assigned to the Unit are required to participate in educational and community awareness programs throughout the year. These programs consist of presentations to heighten awareness of the negative effects of drugs and alcohol abuse to the student bodies of local Peach County middle and high schools.  Duties also include participating in safety fairs hosted by civic organizations and delivering presentations, as requested.

During holiday seasons, the ICE Unit officers are required to participate in specialized patrols. These patrols, commonly referred to as "task forces," operate under adjusted hours and crack down on the impaired and dangerous drivers. It is these drivers who place hundreds of innocent lives in peril every year. These task forces will hold joint road checks and combined concentrated patrols on connecting Interstate, Georgia highways, and city streets throughout our jurisdiction during these holiday periods. The Traffic unit also participates in traffic enforcement events sponsored by the Governors Office of Highway Safety (GOHS), as well as those hosted by other rural neighboring cities. Education and law enforcement must work hand-in-hand if we are to be successful in reducing the number of serious injury and fatal motor vehicle crashes on our roadways.

These officers are the "eyes and ears" of our community, as well as this Nation. The sale of illegal drugs has been directly linked to numerous terrorist organizations throughout the world. It is vital to our local and national security interests, since the drug/terrorist problem in America is so prolific and such a threat to the American public that it warrants our complete attention.

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K-9 Unit

In 2009, the Byron Police Department acquired two European imported Belgian Malinois police dogs that were trained in narcotics detection by K-9 Global Training Academy. This acquisition was made possible through a Federal Grant Program and with the use of drug funds resulting from seizures by the Byron Police Department. The K-9s are assigned to the Interstate Criminal Enforcement (ICE) Unit.  

K-9 Unit Demonstrations. The Byron Police Department K-9 Unit frequently provides demonstrations to the public. These demonstrations showcase many of the unit’s capabilities and are usually arranged for schools and various organizations. To schedule a public demonstration, drug awareness talk, or narcotics canine sweep, send an email note to Officer Lee Smith ( or click here).

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Speed Monitoring Awareness RADAR Trailer (SMART)

Our SMART Trailer program is provided by the Byron Police Department as a service to our community.

SMART trailers have been used in the city for several years and are very popular. The use of a SMART trailer is one of the proactive methods we use in response to traffic complaints in residential areas. When our Traffic Enforcement Unit receives complaints about speeding traffic, one of the ways we respond is to do a traffic flow study using a SMART trailer.

The trailer is placed in a conspicuous place for two to three days. During this period, the trailer records data to include the number of vehicles passing by its location, the time of day, and the high and low speeds. The trailer also calculates the average speed of all passing vehicles. All of this information is then printed out on an easy-to-read report which includes graphical displays.

As a vehicle approaches the trailer, its speed is displayed in large numbers. It has been widely observed that the majority of vehicles passing the trailer are well within the speed limit, with only a few vehicles causing the majority of the complaints. By pinpointing the time these violations occur, we are able to schedule selective enforcement during those times.

The trailer is also utilized in areas of frequent traffic-related accidents and speeding offenses. This trailer is designed to inform motorists of their speed as it relates to the posted speed limit.


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