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Byron, Georgia

Community Watch

Community Watch has been around for many years, in one form or another.

Today, it is one of the most successful efforts employed to prevent residential and industrial crime. It is another avenue for residents and law enforcement personnel to band together against crime. A major reason for the success of an organized Community Watch Program is its simplicity. Although each program may vary in its organization and methods, each are used to reduce the opportunity for crime and to report possible criminal activity.

All Community Watch Programs are established with the intent for residents to recognize and accept the responsibility to protect their neighborhoods. Many communities have enjoyed substantial decreases in burglary, vandalism, and larceny once programs are implemented. 

A Neighborhood Watch Program can be established simply by banding a group of neighbors for a common cause.  A meeting with all interested neighbors should be arranged and coordinated with the Byron Police Department. A committee will be established and can assume responsibility for identifying the watch area, selection of program coordinators and finally formalizing the Neighborhood Watch Program for their community.

Working in close cooperation with the Byron Police Department, residents will receive training to serve as "extra eyes and ears" of the Department's ongoing crime prevention efforts.

Who is eligible?

Residents of the City of Byron who are over 18 years of age are eligible to become members of Community Watch.

What type of training is provided?

Once your application is approved, the Byron Police Department provides a one-night training class in the Municipal Building, located at 401 Main Street, in Byron.  Classes are scheduled periodically throughout the year.

Once trained, members, patrol the City from their vehicles, reporting suspicious or unusual activity.  Before each patrol Community Watch patrollers are briefed by a police officer on recent crime activity to assist in their patrol.

How often do I have to patrol?

It is completely up to each individual member.  Generally, it is hoped that members will patrol at least once every quarter or four times a year.  But again, it is up to each member and we are grateful for whatever time you can volunteer.

When do I patrol and for how long?

There is both a day and night patrol program.  You choose the days or nights that are best for you.  Each tour of duty is approximately 3 hours.

Where do I patrol?

Unless there is some type of emergency or special activity, you patrol in the section of the City in which you live.

How do I join?

To join, contact the Crime Prevention Unit of the Byron Police Department at 401 Main Street, Byron, GA 31008.


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