Byron Police Department

Byron, Georgia

General K-9 History

A General History of K-9 and Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies throughout the world have long recognized the value of properly trained police service dogs. These animals, when appropriately utilized, have time and time again proved themselves instrumental in achieving the objectives and missions of the law enforcement agency.

The police K-9, due to its strength, agility, courage, and amazing olfactory capabilities can be utilized to assist law enforcement in various tasks in a more thorough and efficient manner.

Because of these attributes, police service dogs can be utilized to assist in searching for potentially violent criminals, aid in the apprehension of fleeing criminals who may place innocent community members or other police officers at risk of injury. The dogs also offer the department an effective public relations tool to disseminate information about the police department's mission/functions/crime fighting efforts. In potentially dangerous situations, the police K-9 can often assume the risk by preventing exposure of a police officer to a violent confrontation. And finally, since all the K-9s are trained to detect narcotics contraband, they have located literally hundreds and hundreds of pounds of marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin.


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