Byron Police Department

Byron, Georgia

Narcotics Detection

The Byron Police Department police K-9s have been professionally trained and are certified to detect the presence of marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine. 

K-9 Herta K-9 Senta

The ability of the police K-9s to locate concealed narcotics contraband rests with two major qualities which are inherent in the police service dog. The first is the dog's amazing olfactory (sense of smell) capability. When the remarkable sense is coupled with the dog's strong play and hunting drives, the dogs are taught to associate the scent of specific narcotics with their "reward" or "toy." To earn this reward, the dogs are trained to search boxes, rooms, yards, automobiles, and any other locations where there is a likelihood that someone may have concealed narcotics contraband. An effort is made to prevent the dog from coming into direct contact with any of these drugs as these drugs are as poisonous to dogs as they are to humans. Suspects sometimes use distraction scents to mask the odor of narcotics contraband in an attempt to foil the detection capabilities of the animals. However, for the most part, these efforts have failed as documented by the hundreds and hundreds of pounds of seized narcotics contraband which were destined for street-level sales.


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