Byron Police Department

Byron, Georgia

Sheriff's Emergency Response Team (SERT)

The SERT Team is utilized during critical incidents such as barricaded gunmen, hostage negotiations, and high risk entry for search/arrest warrant service.

Selection for the SERT Team is a rigorous process and requires sound knowledge, physical agility and stamina, and skills in weaponry and marksmanship.

Officers on the team represent the finest that Peach County and Byron Police Department has to offer.

Due to the nature of their job, SERT team officers are equipped with a wide array of weapons not available to general patrol officers. Using both uniform and unmarked vehicles, each officer is equipped with tactical equipment, supported by a tactical response vehicle, allowing quick response to any number of potentially volatile situations including active shooter situations, as well as other tactical needs. The team’s tactical response vehicle is used for incident planning and team deployment.

The officers are committed to team safety through training and professionalism and are prepared to meet the continuously changing needs of law enforcement.

The SERT team also has negotiators who can respond to barricade, hostage, or suicidal situations. The negotiators are specially trained to deal with emotionally disturbed individuals and to conduct
negotiations with armed individuals if necessary.


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